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Seven Kettlebell Training Tips

Kettlebell training seems rather easy to anyone who is about to take it on, but a few days into the routine, you begin to understand how difficult it is. You won’t go from skinny to Schwarzenegger overnight, no matter how many kettlebells you lift. However, you must not despair, because over time, you will gain muscle mass. With patience, dedication and vigor, you will soon achieve the figure of your dreams. Here are some genuine bodybuilding tips for you on the Kettlebell Courses Facebook Page.

Using Kettlebells

Advertisements, movies and television shows would have possibly awed you with ideas of beautiful, fluid, shiny machinery, built with the intention to whip you into shape. In reality, there is nothing better than raw weights like the kettlebell. Use your kettlebells and they will yield dividends as compared to machines.

Focus on Weights

The single-most important factor which decides your success in bodybuilding is your ability to add weights consistently and consecutively to your lifting the kettlebell. It doesn’t really matter whether you change or improve your technique, if you do not increase the sheer weight you are lifting over time, you won’t be building as much muscle as you could be. Lift heavier bells. Keep doing so till you’ve stretched yourself to the maximum. And repeat.

Compound Movements

Websites, advertisements, independent projects, magazines, movies! There are way too many exercises which you come across on so many different platforms. Instead of taking up the new paradigm in fitness advertised every single day by some different source, take up the basic exercises. The deadlift, the squat, the bench press, and the military shoulder press are vital exercises. Although basic, they really need to be integrated into your schedule.

The next thing you need to focus on is the importance of compound exercises. Since you have just a small amount of time, you shouldn’t be wasting this time on trivial exercises. You must only perform those exercises which are able to work two or more muscle groups at the same time. This way, you maximize your exercise potential, and work more productively towards bodybuilding.

Stick to the Program

There is no use taking up a fitness membership at a gym or health club if you’re going to go there and do what you feel. It just doesn’t work that way! A tremendous amount of discipline and dedication is required if you wish to whip yourself into shape. You need a qualified professional like a trainer to work with you, to develop a regimen based on your body type, which will return optimum results. Once set, you have to follow these instructions religiously and prepare for your course such as the Dubai course.

Enter the gym, hit the machines and do heaps of six pack exercises. You need to know exactly what you’re supposed to do. Progress can only be ushered in if you are productive with your time in the gym. Speak to your trainer. Bring enough variety into your regimen so that you don’t grow bored. Maybe you have different schedules for every day. Maybe you could shuffle the order of your exercises. All of this helps you get through the entire process faster, and helps you gain muscle mass swiftly and effectively.

cardio workout

Increase Protein Intake

Protein, found in fish, chicken, milk, dairy products, eggs and select vegetables and nuts. This is an essential nutrient you have to take if you wish to build muscle. Reports indicate you should adjust your protein intake to 1 gram protein for every pound of weight in your body. If you don’t wish to eat protein-rich food all the time, switch to protein shakes. They are equally nutritious. Carbs provide only the energy for new muscle tissue. Proteins provide the building blocks.

Rest is Important

If the person formulating your workout is a professional, he will restrict your routine to a maximum of four workouts a week. Every expert knows that adequate rest for the body is equally important as working out. Training too hard could lead to muscle fatigue as well as muscle damage, both of which are bad for you. Rest between workouts, rest after workouts. This is vital. Take either two days off each week, or take a day off between weightlifting workouts.


It is important for you to perform exercises properly. Execute them properly; knowing exactly how each is to be performed. Progress gradually, and progress well. You should hire a personal trainer to help you sketch out plans, and then guide you through the execution aspect of each exercise as well, and to correct you when you are going wrong. When dealing with the big weights, use something like a safety belt to protect your lower back. Little precautions go a long way.

Keep these little kettlebell training tips in mind, and you can’t possibly go wrong. You will have a fit, fine, muscular body very soon.

Top Features to include in Your Fitness SEO

If you want your fitness website to attract maximum attention and interest you have to ensure it has the right appeal. Fitness SEO is a big business. There are dozens of fitness websites you have to compete with so make sure you are using the right approach. A few good tips are detailed below:

On the personal front

You need to capture the reader’s attention in the first few seconds when they open your screen. People get impressed with confidence and authority. So if you have any special features in the fitness business such as being personally featured in a magazine, or if you have received an award in the business.

Do you specialise in a specific fitness niche? Is your fitness training experience extensive? All or any of the above information will probably entice the reader to know more about your business offer.


Using client testimonials

If you have any testimonials or pictures of happy and satisfied clients you could post the same on your website. When people see such positive proof they will be more likely to sign up. Similarly if you have any followers on Twitter, Facebook etc you should display the same – such following will acts as social proof of a successful Fitness SEO.

Going the video way

One effective way to attract people is to make a video. This medium will enable website readers to actually see and hear you. The video should be short and informative yet powerful enough to hold the person’s attention. It should reflect your strong points and detail the services you are offering. A video could prove to be a strong advertising tool, as people will get a glimpse of your personality and in the process get to trust, know and like you.

The power of special offers

In any business when special offers are made available, they tend to draw people like a magnet. So take your advertising to the next level, offer the readers a good freebee, something other websites are not offering.

If you have any specialised literature related to fitness training you could make it available to people who are willing to provide their names and email information. Special offers act as magnets. Other ideas for such offers could include an e-book, an exercise guide, a book on special diets etc. However make sure that whatever you offer has a value-rating so people do not get disappointed.

Additional products/services

Keep people informed of any additional services and products you may be offering, such as sports clothing and supplements. If your fitness marketing business has additional facilities such as chiropractors, juice bars etc. make sure such facilities are mentioned in your fitness website.


To make your fitness website appealing, and after a person opts for your special offer, you require a good email service for marketing. There are many such internet services available which allow an auto-response facility which makes the whole process easy and quick.

A good website can act as a silent salesman for your fitness business. Research shows that around 88 % of people look for information they require, online.

Sunshine Papillons Make Excellent Workout Partners

Sunshine Papillons make excellent workout partners!

Yes, that’s right.

I recently took up running so I decided to buy myself a dog to keep me motivated.

I went to my local pet shop and fell in love with the Sunshine Papillons the shop assistant showed me.

So on my first run I took my new puppy and would you believe it my new workout buddy actually ran faster than me!

New she’s hooked, everytime I put my running shoes on she stands by the front door waiting to go out with her lead in her mouth. She’s the best wokout buddy, she keeps me motivated and pushes me to run faster.

Here’s a picture of her…

sunshine papillons

How to Maintain Your Lost Weight with personal training online

After sweating it out week after week exercising hard with Sydney personal trainers and sticking to a special diet you finally get that trim body you were so keen to attain.

But what happens now? It’s like buying that new fancy car you had your eyes on for several months. Once you have bought the car it’s not a matter of just driving it around! You have to get the car serviced regularly, maintain all its parts and keep its gas level always topped up.

This is also the case with your body. After dropping those unwanted pounds and attaining a lean and toned look you cannot sit back and hope that nature will take over. You have to look after your body the same way you would look after a new car and personal training online can definitely help you with this. Here are some tips you will find on their online members area :

On the food front

During your journey to getting into good shape you would probably have gone in for a few strict measures on the food front. Cutting down on your calorie consumption and eating less, though helpful, would have had some effect on your metabolism.

Weight loss will have taken place but such measures would also cause adrenal stress and chronic fatigue. To ensure you do not suffer such negative health problems, you have to eat balanced and full meals as recommended. Continue a diet of healthy fats, lean proteins and plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Also forget about investing in those highly recommended organic juices, protein shakes and other supplements which are advertised to help lose weight.

These items are mere crutches. What you need to do is pay more attention to your daily diet – breakfast through to dinner. If you do your own cooking you will be able to use the ingredients you require as also control the portions you eat. Keeping a regular meal time schedule also helps.

Continue with regular physical activity

Having trimmed your body into a healthy, good-looking shape, you need to stay active. If you sit back and relax the muscles will become flabby again and without the required workouts fat will once more build up. So ensure you take up some form of physical activity – whether it is going for long walks, taking part in a sport, or working out in a gym or at home.

If you are keen to join an fitness group, visit to register for their free trial.

Importance of sleep

Many people boast that they do not need too much sleep to function on a normal basis. This can prove a destructive attitude. When your body does not get the right amount of sleep your hormones suffer from imbalance. It also affects your appetite stimulating the hunger pangs and decreasing the Leptin production. The human body requires at least seven hours of sleep otherwise your chances of becoming obese, increase.


Maintaining weight loss with personal training online will depend on how active and committed you remain after the feat. The story does not end just because you have achieved your fitness goal. You cannot return to your old habits on the food, sleep and activity front. Stay committed, stay active and stick to a normal healthy diet – this will help you to maintain the weight loss you worked so hard to achieve.

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