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Top Features to include in Your Fitness SEO

If you want your fitness website to attract maximum attention and interest you have to ensure it has the right appeal. Fitness SEO is a big business. There are dozens of fitness websites you have to compete with so make sure you are using the right approach. A few good tips are detailed below:

On the personal front

You need to capture the reader’s attention in the first few seconds when they open your screen. People get impressed with confidence and authority. So if you have any special features in the fitness business such as being personally featured in a magazine, or if you have received an award in the business.

Do you specialise in a specific fitness niche? Is your fitness training experience extensive? All or any of the above information will probably entice the reader to know more about your business offer.


Using client testimonials

If you have any testimonials or pictures of happy and satisfied clients you could post the same on your website. When people see such positive proof they will be more likely to sign up. Similarly if you have any followers on Twitter, Facebook etc you should display the same – such following will acts as social proof of a successful Fitness SEO.

Going the video way

One effective way to attract people is to make a video. This medium will enable website readers to actually see and hear you. The video should be short and informative yet powerful enough to hold the person’s attention. It should reflect your strong points and detail the services you are offering. A video could prove to be a strong advertising tool, as people will get a glimpse of your personality and in the process get to trust, know and like you.

The power of special offers

In any business when special offers are made available, they tend to draw people like a magnet. So take your advertising to the next level, offer the readers a good freebee, something other websites are not offering.

If you have any specialised literature related to fitness training you could make it available to people who are willing to provide their names and email information. Special offers act as magnets. Other ideas for such offers could include an e-book, an exercise guide, a book on special diets etc. However make sure that whatever you offer has a value-rating so people do not get disappointed.

Additional products/services

Keep people informed of any additional services and products you may be offering, such as sports clothing and supplements. If your fitness marketing business has additional facilities such as chiropractors, juice bars etc. make sure such facilities are mentioned in your fitness website.


To make your fitness website appealing, and after a person opts for your special offer, you require a good email service for marketing. There are many such internet services available which allow an auto-response facility which makes the whole process easy and quick.

A good website can act as a silent salesman for your fitness business. Research shows that around 88 % of people look for information they require, online.

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