Personal Training Tips on Running an Obstacle Race

It is necessary to run up and down stairs with weights on you. Weights can be bags of cement or blocks of bricks. This will definitely boost your muscles and bone strength that will be effective to stand constant hours of racing. Duck walk can be very challenging as one has to bend and squat for long hours.

This increases your legs ability to walk longer and more strength to reduce fatigue levels. Training to jump over obstacles can be very effective as it prepares one to face this challenge easier. Jumping can be done over boxes and other hurdles. This will improve your skill and make one learn a much better trick to go over obstacles. Check out more tips on https://fitness.org.au/courses/kettlebell-principles-level-1/2841

Jumping over hurdles on the D day will be very likely. Running is one of the most effective activities that will help one race better. Running will most likely take place as participant’s race, ask your Sydney fitness instructors to write you a running program specifically design for this type of event.

Some sections will be easier to cover while racing like fairly flat levels and fewer steep and sloping grounds. This will definitely help one’s improve speed and strength while covering more distances. Cramps are managed more effectively with one running and breathing will be more control to reduce panting. Fitness Australia functional training courses can really help you prepare for your race, be sure to find a trainer that has undergone training at a certified and registered Dangerously Fit kettlebell certification.

Obstacle racing is similar to military training; for instance, training a soldier to endure harsh conditions on a battlefield, where food and water will be more limited to train one’s stomach to do with less. Winning such races, holistic training will be effective with one aiming to work on their physical and mental abilities. One will need to know exactly what the races will involve as it helps them prepare better. Training is very essential to every activity one will undertake on the field. It helps participants know what things they will be required to do.

Some personal trainers won’t be qualified to train you for an obstacle race, you want to find a fitness qualification that is a Cert 3 and cert 4 in fitness on the Sunshine Coast at the very least!

Instructions will be very necessary as they determine whether one will win or not; especially participants who will cover dangerous areas with wild animals or natural phenomena, this can keep them safe or expose them to danger. Ability to read maps can be helpful for those covering unknown grounds like adventure escapades. Swimming and other activities will also help one overcome some hurdles. The most important is to be open-minded as it helps one prepare mentally.

Obstacle racing can be a very effective way to stress management. If you need to get fit for an event, I highly recommend the guys at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp in Sunshine Coast, I trained with them for Spartan and Tough Mudder and I must say that I was in the best shape of my life!