Power Bag Carries

I really don’t do core exercises. No crunches, no planks; I know my abs could handle them but that just sounds too boring for me!

Sandbag strength training is an excellent workout. If you hold the weight correctly, it will work your entire body– from abs to core muscles around your torso and inside ribcage.

In this example with our “sandbags”, that thing becomes a “sandbag carry” today. Carrying something heavy works all parts of my body — everything from abs, back, and others in between!

Today, we’re doing a powerbag carry. A heavy-weighted object like this is great for using your whole body to lift and move something really important (or not). Depending on how you hold it, different muscles will get involved–for example: abs+back or nebulous “core” muscles around the sides of your torso.

The shoulder and Zercher carry needs to be prepped by getting the sandbag into your lap. You will then have it lifted up into position as if you had been carrying logs all day long, just like we discussed last week during our first workout of this challenge!

Dangerously Fit Powerbags also comes with an alternative mode of transport. That is, you can carry it like a suitcase (one hand on the handle, one by your side). You’ll feel lopsided and that’s what we want! Just make sure to do this for both sides equally.

Loaded carries provide real life functional gains for the everyday person. They are arguably one of the most useful and functional full body strength exercises that should be included in any training regimen.

These type of exercises were previously thought to be too primitive and unimportant to include in a training program, but now function is the new thing and is an essential part of any training plan due to their significance when it comes carrying objects in everyday life.

The primal loaded carry exercise is performed by holding a heavy weight such as sandbag with both arms extended straight out at shoulder height while you walk forward or laterally down a track or field dragging your feet along behind you so they never actually leave contact on the ground (it should look like someone running around with his/her hands tied). The dumbbell farmer’s walk is another type of variation where two weights hang from each end alternately lower than up;