Top Clubbell Training Mistakes

It’s an accepted fact in the fitness world that training with Clubbells is one of the best ways of developing your strength, endurance and flexibility. However, like all other exercise modules, Clubbell training too has its own technique and procedure exclusive to it. Following these correctly is essential to gaining all the benefits of regular Clubbell training and minimizing the risks of injury.

As a certified fitness trainer it is imperative for you to know all about the most common Clubbell workout mistakes and how to avoid them, visit to enrol in their clubbell certification.

Benefits Of Steel Club Training

You are Squatting Every Time!

Clubbell workouts require you to bend a lot in order to lift and swing the bell. One of the most common mistakes that can lead to backache is taking a squatting position every time you swing the Clubbell between your legs. Squats are done only when you are doing the goblet squat; which is a common Clubbell workout. In general, you should concentrate on hip hinging movement while moving the clubbell between your legs.

Hip hinging requires you to bend at the hips, move your butt slightly outward and keep the Clubbell close to your body. You should then thrust the hips forward, squeeze the butt muscles tightly and swing the Clubbell upward using its momentum. The are many benefits training with clubbells, trying to squat whilst doing a swing is not one of them!

You are Hinging the Hips Too Much
While hinging your hips is a fundamental move of several Clubbell workouts, you should never push the hips too far forward. Pushing your hips too far outward when swinging the Clubbell will force you to arch your back and this can lead to lower back pain.

Moreover, pushing the hips outward instead of upward will put more pressure on your shoulders and the neck region thereby making your entire back vulnerable to excessive strain.

You are Arching your Back
Fear of backache is a common factor that keeps many clients from signing up for fitness courses involving Clubbell training. However, backache is nothing but a result of poor form or poor technique; both of which can be easily rectified.

The basic rule Clubbells workout is to maintain a neutral spine i.e a straight spine every time you are swinging the ball upward or downward. So make sure that you do not follow the movement of the Clubbell with your eyes. If you do so, you will invariably look upward or downward and your head too will follow the same path; leading to a curved back. It is best to stare at a fixed point in front of you in line with your eyes.

You are Picking a Heavier Load
To make Clubbell training absolutely safe for first-time clients, always start with 2kg clubbell for women and a 4kg for men. This is the ideal weight that a normally healthy woman/man can lift without the risk of injury. Check out the CEC course for more info!

One of biggest mistake is to just walk in and pick up a heavy weight. This can be disastrous even for those who work out regularly as handling the Clubbell is difficult because of its unique shape. So if you are lifting a heavy load the wrong way, you have only to blame yourself for any injury or backache that is likely to follow.